Comparison on Brand and Master Replica

Comparison of brand and Master replica


A brand presents itself as differentiation from like products and services. The brand always has a different concept than other products available in the market or other products or services. A brand is the name of the unique and distinctive production of things.

Usually, brands work for an assured name and trademark legally authorized from an authorized government agency. They usually work with planning and forecasts about colors and latest fashion trends as per customer requirements. It verifies that the product it is introducing is unique and not has been obtained by someone else in the market.

They hire an expert law firm for this purpose that tends to search for a trademark and manage the application process important for a brand to make it open to the market. Different countries have different spans of verification by higher authorities. In the United States, It takes about a year for a brand for all these processes. When you get to know that your brand is unique and no other brand is utilizing your trademark for its products or services. You are ready to present it with your patent name for public services.

Brands usually present their name in the form of logos, they use graphic representations for publicity of their brand so that customers approach them easily.

Master Replica

Master Replicas are brought as copies of the brand's original products. A replica product of a brand is something that is very close to the brand product or sometimes it is the exact reflection. Replica products can be varied in their types just like the brand itself. Sometimes it ranges from branded items like clothes and shoes. A replica can be a copy of jewelry as well as accessories either for a home or for fashion and still, there are many others. The noticeable thing about a replica product is that they are a very similar copy and sometimes it is hard to differentiate it from the original.

However, it is also considered that Sometimes, Master Replicas as they are copies of the original product, they are made by the company that is originally making that product. The main objective of making master Replicas is that it is made in order to reduce the cost of the original product of the brand which is obviously very expensive for original designer pieces in the market. Sometimes master replicas are prepared to sell brand products at a higher profit by making replicas at a cheaper price with cheaper quality fabrics and accessories. It is surprising that Many products such as coins, clothes, handbags, in addition with shoes, accessories, watches as well as artwork and many more in the market are being sold for a profit with the fact that the customer does not know that he is purchasing a master replica, not the original one. It is said that someone who creates a master replica of a brand is someone who is like redesigning the original. All in all, people are preferring master replica products due to its exact matching with brand requirements thus making it a trend to prefer replicas over brands.


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