Agha Noor 

Agha Noor is a timeless and trendy apparel brand located in Pakistan. Two young, dynamic and dedicated Pakistanis introduced The brand Agha Noor just to make a difference in the world of fashion and styles. Agha Hira and Agha Noor were only of ages 22 & 17 respectively at the time of the launch of the brand. They set up the unit with only 6 employees at that time. But now Agha Noor roughly provides vacancies for almost 3,000 employees to date. the brand has geared that one all-important factor that so many other brands have not considered – exceptionally low prices!

Agha Noor has become one of the most demanding clothing lines and success that it achieved in the three short years since its emergence is incredible and worth inspiring.

Agha Noor is the only brand that has unambiguously been embraced by Pakistani women of all classes and styles due to its timeless and elegant clothing arrivals. The wardrobes are often crowded by an assemblage of women, the young as well as the old ones, The working women and stay at home moms, women wearing veils and the ones without. 

Agha Noor wardrobe range comprises basic ready to wear, semi-formal and formal ready to wear collection for women and girls. Agha Noor’s Outfit categories contain simple and decent printed pastel colors to bright colored tops, Shirts of the cotton net and pure lawn shirts with timeless grace and style. Agha Noor also adds a little bit cross-stitch embroidery, Trending embroidered patches on Kurtis and beautiful color aesthetics as well.  

The clothing line has become a newfangled brand in a very short period of time just because of its versatility, innovating as well as unique designing ideas and creative techniques to make the dressing look fabulous and spellbinding. Some of the good things about Agha Noor is that they always strive to use a variety of vibrant colors to make their dresses more appealing. 

Agha Noor outlets are investing properly with a complete research-based approach knowing their customer requirements very well. This is the reason that Now Agha Noor is everywhere on earth including the USA, UK, Australia as top customers. Their customers love to spend on their new collections.

Following are the Main Collections of AghaNoor Clothing line:

Ready to Wear Collection

Agha Noor is very famous for its phenomenal embroidered patterns and fabulously low prices that no other brand is presenting in Pakistan. Their ready-to-wear dresses range bears a wider range of pastel and bright colored dresses. The dresses are complemented with embroidery, providing you timeless grace and elegance with a modern twist. if you want to look elegantly stylish, Agha Noor should be the first priority.

Agha Noor Bridal wear

 Due to the inclusive artwork on outfits, Agha Noor has made a name and earned fame in the Pakistani fashion line. it has made its place as most demanded Brand for its appealing and eye-catching Bridal collections as per customer demands.

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